Fully featured Code
Snippet Manager

    CodeBox Features

  • Great user interface

    CodeBox provides the best experience and user interface for managing snippets.
  • Document architecture

    Each library in CodeBox is a document file, so you can separate all snippets by projects.
  • Folders, Groups, Smart Groups

    CodeBox brings iTunes-like management for your code by using Groups and Folders.
  • Sync over Cloud

    Save the library file into DropBox or FTP to open and reuse it on any other Mac.
  • Expand code using abbreviations

    Define abbreviation@ in the asset name to active CodeBox Text Expander.
  • Bookmarklet for Browsers

    Save the link Add to CodeBox into Bookmarks and create new snippets from browser selection.
  • Over 100 syntaxes

    CodeBox uses TextMate syntaxes to highlight code snippets in any language.
  • Use .tmThemes for highlighting

    The CodeBox code editor has full-featured support for TextMate color themes.
  • Finder integration

    Drag & drop snippets, groups and folders between Finder and CodeBox.
  • Support for Undo

    Forget about Trash, use Undo to rollback after any number of operations in the library.
  • Multiple Assets

    Attach any number of informative assets like code license to any snippet.
  • Advanced snippet management

    Drag & drop snippets between groups and folders or between your libraries.
  • New snippets from selection

    Drag & drop text selection, files and folders into the library to create new snippets.

    CodeBar Features

  • Icon is always in the menubar

    You do not need to have CodeBox running to use CodeBar.
  • All your libraries in one place

    It does not matter where the library file is located on the Hard Drive.
  • Snippet and Asset commands

    Each snippet has its own menu with useful commands like Copy and Paste.
  • Structured access to snippets

    CodeBar menu reproduces the tree of groups and folders in the CodeBox for easy access.
  • Paste into active App

    Paste snippet code into the active application right from the menu bar.
  • Edit Code before Paste

    The Edit Code command allows to adjust placeholders or copy a part of code.
  • Replace variable placeholders

    Define __variable__ placeholders to adjust code before using it.
  • Reveal library or snippet in CodeBox

    Hit Reveal to open a library file or snippet in CodeBox and edit it.
  • Keyboard navigation

    Customize modifier keys for all CodeBar commands.

    New in Version 1.5

  • Share snippets with others

    CodeBox will allow to share your snippets using social code-sharing services like GitHub & Snipplr
  • Import from other apps

    It is time to transfer your snippet libraries from other apps… ✈
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